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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an ad


Just click "Sell a Light Trailer" or "Sell a Heavy Trailer" on our home page.

If you have yet to register with Used Trailers, just click START and proceed to register. (It's free to register)

If you have already registered, click EXISTING MEMBERS and login.

Now, for the fun part...

Choose whether your trailer is a 'Light Trailer or Heavy Trailer' when prompted from the drop down list.
(A light trailer is one that could be towed behind a passenger car or SUV e.g. a box trailer or caravan, and doesn't require a heavy vehicle drivers licence to tow. A heavy trailer is one that could not be towed behind a passenger car or SUV e.g. a semi-trailer, and would require an endorsed licence to tow.)

Then choose which type of trailer when prompted from the drop down list and complete the details on the page provided.
Most details you need to complete are pre-loaded as drop boxes or check boxes, so you simply point and click, then move on.

Details marked with an * are mandatory, all others you can choose to complete, or not

Upload your images when prompted.

Verify your details, and you're done.

You can now place your next ad...

Remember, you get Five Ads For Free at any one time on Used Trailers.


What sort of trailers can I list on Used Trailers

Any type of trailer can be listed, from the smallest box trailer to the largest road train.

From caravans & camper trailers to car carriers.

If you can tow it, you can list it


Can I list new trailers on Used Trailers


Used Trailers is the ideal place to list any type of trailer, new or used.

The facts are that many people set out to buy that good used trailer.

But after looking around, and doing the sums, they end up buying a new one.

Just the one they were looking for.

The right one.

Can you afford not to have your new trailers listed for these buyers to consider?

Place your Five Free Ads now and show the market what you have to offer.

Don't forget, all your ads, even your free ads, that have a photo included are automatically listed as Feature Ads and appear randomly on our Home Page


Who can list on Used Trailers

If you have trailers to sell, you can list them on Used Trailers.

Private sales, manufacturers, dealers, auctioneers, importers and more...


Can I add URL's and/or links to my website or social media

Of course.

Most websites won't allow this, for fear you will divert traffic away from their site.

We're different.

Our goal is to help your business

To make your job easy, and make you look good.

So, you can upload links to your website URL, to Facebook, Twitter, or even a YouTube or Vimeo video.


What does it cost

Every seller can list Five Free Ads at any one time.

That's usually enough for most people.

That's everyone, whether you are a private seller, manufacturer, dealer, auction house or importer.

If your business is larger, and you require more ad space, we have competitive subscrition rates for up to 20 ads listed at any one time.

If you have a significant business and need even more ad space, we can provide ultra competitve space for hundreds of ads at a time.


What does it cost to run my ad as a Feature Ad


Feature Ads are where your ad is displayed and promoted on our home page.

Some websites carefully actively promote these added benefits, but often they are just an up-sell, and sometimes with exorbitant costs bordering on a scam.    

These are entirely free on Used Trailers.

All ads that include a photo are automatically listed as a Feature Ads, free of charge.

This means your ad, if it includes a photo, will automatically get random placement on our home page, and therefore higher exposure.

The more ads you list, the higher exposure you will get on our home page.



Are there any on-costs


There are absolutely no commissions, fees or charges for your Five Free Adds.

They are free. No cost. No charges. Gratis.

For larger users who use our low-cost subscription rates, the agreed subscription rate is it.

There are no further charges.

Just so we are crystal clear (because we get asked this routinely) we do not charge any commission on your trailer when it is sold.


How soon will my ad appear once I have uploaded it

Normally within one business day.

Sometimes way quicker.

As soon as our editorial team have reviewed and approved it, it's live!


How long will my ad stay listed

Until you take it down, or twelve months.

Don't forget, you have Five Free Ads at any one time: use them


How will buyers contact me

Buyers will contact you direct via any of the contact details you have listed on your ad.

This could be by phone, email, FaceBook or Twitter depending on which you have listed.


How will I know if anyone has seen my ad

Just click into your ad and it will tell you how many views there have been.


How many images can I upload

You can upload up to 15 images for each ad


What type of images can I upload

Images can be GIF, JPG, JPEG, BMP or PNG format


How large can my images be

Images can be up to 4500 Kilobytes (4.5 Megabyte) each.

If your images are too large (quite common) most computer systems have in-built capability to compress them.

When all else fails, consult Dr. Google for advice, or email us here at and we will assist.


How many images should I upload per ad

Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, so always, always have at least one good image with your ad.

It's always best when selling, to think like a buyer.

The better the information you provide, the more comfortable a potential buyer will be.

And, more likely to contact you for more information, and ultimately more likely to purchase your trailer.

It's a good idea to have at least four images, to clearly show all aspects of your trailer: front, back and both sides.; kind of like reviewing a good haircut: you look at it from all angles to check it out before giving the thumbs-up.

Now, back to trailers; it's even better to include some images of key features, benefits, options or extras included.

Ideally, have around 6-8 images to show off all of the good things about your trailer, and leave no doubt in a potential buyers mind.


OK, then what are Used Trailers subscription costs

If your business is growing and you need more than your Five Free Ads, we provide up to 20 listings at any one time for $47 per month plus GST: that's as little as $2.35 + GST per listing per month.

If you are a significant business and are really selling lots of trailers, we provide up to 500 ads for $97 per month plus GST: that's less than $0.20 + GST per month.

Just more Extreme Value from Used Trailers.


How do you charge me for subscriptions

All payments are made via credit card through PayPal, one of the world's largest and most respected payment gateways.

If you really want to use an alternative method of payment, contact us at to discuss.


How often will I be billed

All payments are made monthly in arrears.


What if I don't want to continue with my subscription

Simply email us at and tell us you don't love us any more.

That's it.

We will be shattered, but we will stop billing you immediately.

There are absolutely no penalties, 'escape clauses' or costs for stopping your subscription.

Of course, we hope you don't, and you will be welcome back at any time.


Where can I get help if I need it

Simply email us at or complete our easy-to-use contact form and we will be back to you as soon as possible


How do I make a comment or suggestion to Used Trailers

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.

We want to provide a service you will love.

Email us at or complete our easy-to-use Contact form.


How can I edit my ads


You can change any text, data fields, add or change photos and more.

Just login, click into your ad, make any changes, and click 'submit'


What is a Trailer Wanted ad

A Trailer Wanted ad is just that...telling the market place that you are looking for a specific trailer.

You can be as specific, or as general as you like with your listing.

Simply upload your ad, and let sellers come to you via the contact means you have chosen.


What does a Trailer Wanted ad cost

Trailer Wanted ads are completely free.

Just register and place your ad.

There are no costs or charges at all.


Can I place ads for other related services on Used Trailers


There is provision for a supplier to list their business in our supplier section.

These ads are also free, and display randomly on our home page.

Also, some trailer related products can be listed in our main ad section.

Just make sure the ad is for a trailer related product or service, or our editorial team might reject it. 


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